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This is a picture of my daughter, Emily, during our visit to the annual Tucson Festival of Books. When we first arrived it was a very uncharacteristic display of weather for Tucson–wet and cold. We arrived at one of the six available parking garages around 1:00pm and started our walk towards the U of A campus where the event is held. It was sprinkling rain at that point, and before long we were starting to drip.

Luckily, right as Kayla started to complain of soggy pants, the clouds parted and a few brief rays of warm sun beamed down. Although the sun didn’t last, it was at least the end of the rain. By this time we had already walked around most of the fair (It was huge!). On our first circuit many of the booths were sort of shut down, sporting weighted down tarps to save their paper goods. Our second loop was much better.

There were booths for just about any kind of book or genre you could think of. I suppose it is not surprising though that a large number of displays were from local companies and businesses. There were some big names out there too, of course–Cox, New York Times, and CSPAN for example. Emily got the most out of the trip I think. She came out with a dozen stickers or more, a Winnie the Pooh book, a Bookman’s bag, an orange balloon, a dog balloon-animal, and (as pictured above) a face painting! All for free!

As we weaved through the masses of people and random booths, Kayla really wanted to find someone that writes in her same genre. Surprisingly, we only found two people who also specialize in Young Adult Paranormal Fantasy. They were sharing a booth. We stopped and talked to them for a few minutes as my stomach began to growl for some of those grilled corn-cobs people kept walking past with. Both of these authors are also self published, and from the sounds of it have been doing it slightly longer than Kayla. We shared a few stories of our findings with Kindle Select, Createspace, Freebies, and Smashwords. For anyone curious the two authors can be found here Natalie Wright, author of Emily’s House and Janine Caldwell, author of The Vortex Series.

After this we took a detour to the restrooms, then headed back to the parking garage. By this time my stomach was really roaring for some of that corn on the cob, so the only logical thing to do was go to IHOP for a Denver Omelette!

So, in the theme of this whole book convention/fair I figured I would also post about the up and coming book fair/signing that Kayla will be participating in. It will be at Bookman’s here in Tucson (the Speedway location) on April 20th, 2013. It is pretty exciting since it is her first! She will be there from 11:00AM to 1:00PM. If you are in the area come say ‘Hi’, grab a free bookmark, and maybe even buy a book or two from us.

In preparation for this event we are kicking things into overdrive. We have a lot we are wanting to get done by April 20th, and it is going to be tough. So far we only have a table cover prepared. We will be ordering 20 or so copies of Twin Souls to sale, custom bookmarks to give away, a banner/poster, and setting up a bin of candy. Those are the easy parts. Our real goal is to get both sequels (Hybrid and Sacrifice) into print before this date so we can have them available for sale.

I will be focusing all my book related efforts towards that goal. I will be doing a quick re-edit of both novels as well as beginning the print formatting process this week. Kayla will be doing something even more important–finishing the fourth and final book in the Nevermore Series (Destiny). She is currently about 40,000 words into this novel with an estimated 30,000 left to go. It is unlikely it will be completely written, edited, and formatted by April 20th but it is possible. If she does complete the writing process I will immediately put other projects on hold to get book four through the editing and publishing phase.

So as it stands, here are our to-do lists.

Re-edit and format Hybrid for print release.
Re-edit and format Sacrifice for print release.
Edit and format the second episode of Darius
Edit and format Avarial – Book One: The King’s Hourglass
*Edit and format Nevermore Book#4 when ready. In this event it will precede all other goals.

Finish writing Destiny, Nevermore Book 4.
Create a cover for Darius, Episode 2.
Finish writing Avarial, Book 2.
Begin outlining for ‘The Archivist‘.

Book Signing:
Order Prints
Order Banner/Poster
Order Bookmarks
Get Candy+Dish
Get Debit/CCard Swipe

Wow, putting it down into words like that makes me realize how full my schedule is for the next few months hehe. We can do it, though! And the more prolific we are, the more rewards we’ll reap.

Now it is time for me to go lay down my little munchkin to bed, and get started on some of this stuff. I will try to do another post later this week if I can. As always, thanks for reading!