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What is this life thing that always seems to happen and keep me from writing more? I didn’t realize so much time had swept subtly by as I ignored the blog to do other ventures. I have to get better at scheduling time to do this every few days, or at least once a week.

Bora Bora

Bora Bora is a small, tropical island in the South Pacific. When you Google ‘Bora Bora’ on the map and zoom in a little it almost seems unreal. The small grouping of islands are surrounded by a lagoon, then enclosed with a reef. I have yet to go anywhere like this, but definitely want to. Sleeping just a few feet over the warm shallow waters would be awesome. And hey, it is 75-80 all year!

Preikestolen Cliff

Preikestolen, or ‘The Preacher’s Pulpit’, is an absolutely massive cliff in Southwestern Norway. Standing upon its 6,700 square feet of surface, you can peer far into the distance. Be careful gazing straight down at the beautiful blue waters however, as this tourist attraction still has no safety rails. Despite this fact, there have been no accidental deaths on the cliff. The hike up to the peak is pretty strenuous as well; the path rises and falls along ridges the whole way. When I visit, I will make sure I take my pictures from a good, safe distance away from the unbound edge.

The Colosseum

The Colosseum is the world’s largest amphitheater and stands in Rome. Much of the massive concrete and stone structure has been ruined over the years by earthquakes and looters. Construction of the building began around 70 AD under the rule of Emperor Vespasian and was finished with his son, Titus, in 80 AD.
The Colosseum’s most famous function was that of the gladiatorial games. It is what I first knew it by as well, however it served for more than that. A crowd of anywhere between 50 and 80 thousand could sit and watch reenactments of battles, giant plays, executions, and even wild animal hunts. Many of these were enormous endeavors in which the entirety of the Colosseum floor was decorated and designed to mimic the realism of what was occurring. For example, when Emperor Trajan was victorious over Dacia in 107 AD, he celebrated over a period of 123 days. During this time, over 10,000 gladiators and 11,000 animals fought among an elaborate set of movable trees and buildings. That is insane!
I definitely want to go see the Colosseum before my time is done. Unfortunately, I can only see what remains and have to use my imagination to capture the splendor it once endowed. To see anything more I would have to go back in time, or watch Gladiator again. Awesome movie!
As always, thanks for reading!
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Also, if you have not seen the movie Gladiator yet, stop everything you are doing and get that movie! One of my favorites.
Written By: Adam Poe (34 Posts)

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