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I have not updated the blog in a while with my writing progress. This was due to not having any. And that was due to having to move.

Due to some unforeseen circumstances we needed to move from our rented home in Tucson. We ended up moving about half way to Phoenix to the lovely house you see in this picture.

The move was a huge pain. Kayla’s brother helped us load up but the remainder including cleaning up, driving, and unloading were all done by just the two of us. Now, two weeks after we started all this we are finally settled in and mostly unpacked.

The house is great and has tall ceilings, a spacious open floor plan, and a nice bricked-in back yard. Our daughter Emily really seems to love it. We are definitely out of the city now though, so many things are a slightly longer drive. It is not too bad though, everything we could need is still within 10 miles. I like the small, crime-free (mostly) sort of town a lot as well.

As far as writing goes…Well, I have not had much time yet. I spent the first few days after the unload unpacking and arranging. Then the next few days I was running errands for things relating to the new address. And then…well…I was exhausted! I am hoping to get started again either tonight or tomorrow. I am also looking forward to helping my wife get her newest completed novel out. She just had a great promotional run this month and sold several hundred books!

As always, thanks for reading! And here are a few more pictures of the new place.

Written By: Adam Poe (34 Posts)

Adam works hard but tries not to take himself too seriously. He is the second-best author in his household, and has published a total of zero books under his own name. When he isn't spending his time writing things that never happened or wondering if he was born either 3,000 years late or 3,000 years early, he can be found hugging the air-conditioner in his home near Phoenix.