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Last night I finished helping Kayla polish up a side project she has been working on when stuck on parts of the final Nevermore book. For a while she has been writing a novella/short story series on the side about a sorcerer (Darius) who ends up trading places with a boy from our world. It is a fun concept, and a fun story. It is mainly geared toward the young adult market again, perhaps slightly younger than the Nevermore series depending on the reader.

At the very start it was going to be another book, but after reading some advice from fellow writers we decided to turn it into a serial. I suppose part of this is due to it being much easier to manage, as well as to get novellas out, rather than working on another full book series at the same time as Nevermore. Another awesome thing about a serialized story is that you can get a whole lot more story in over the entire course of a ‘season’ than you could in a novel (without bloating it, at least). And of course another bonus is how fast a new title can come out! Readers will not have to wait months for the next episode.

I know some of you reading may not know about serialized stories, but they have been around forever. The most famous case for their history lies with Charles Dickens himself. Think of a serialized book as a TV show. It isn’t quite as long as a traditional novel, and the overall arcing story comes in spurts. Each episode of that story’s season contains both a ‘Monster of the Week’ and a step towards the arc of the series. Some good examples to relate this to in recent media would be Merlin, Stargate, The X-Files, and so on. In Merlin, each episode generally contained some sort of danger that was worked out in that individual episode, however there was always a step forward in the overall story of Merlin and Arthur. For instance  an episode might contain a mysterious undead knight who is using magic to try to slay Arthur in an accepted duel. Merlin must help Arthur defeat this, but he also has to keep the secret of his magic safe from the king and public. By saving Arthur, Merlin continues his quest to protect the prince as well as his own secrets – one more step towards the prophecy the imprisoned dragon under the castle has foretold to the young mage. Some episodes contain more arc-forwarding than others.

The serial that Kayla has been doing definitely has a monster-of-the-week and an overall arc. Each episode is around 10-15 thousand words (About 1/6th the size of a Nevermore novel), and will continue the story of Darius. Without going into too much detail I will give a short run down of this series. Darius is suddenly transported from his home world/dimension (a world where magic acts and mystical creatures are common place) to our planet. Much to his horror, it seems that he has actually replaced a Darius in our world. At first his main problem is fitting in, and not using magic. Fitting in is much harder than he thought, especially after he discovers he was not the only thing sent through the rift in his world and appeared here on Earth. Each episode of this story will deal with his challenges in our world, as well as stopping some of the more sinister things that have crossed over. Each episode will also further the story of his quest to return to his home world  and help save it from whatever has caused all this mess.

Hopefully I explained all that correctly and did it justice.

I am excited to see how it does, and excited for all of you to read it and give us feedback. As today is one of my days off my salaried job, I will be spending a bit of it formatting Darius, Episode 1 for all ebook channels. Expect to see it out relatively soon, and as always – Thanks for reading!

Written By: Adam Poe (34 Posts)

Adam works hard but tries not to take himself too seriously. He is the second-best author in his household, and has published a total of zero books under his own name. When he isn't spending his time writing things that never happened or wondering if he was born either 3,000 years late or 3,000 years early, he can be found hugging the air-conditioner in his home near Phoenix.