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Wow, time sure does fly when…well…no matter what you do it seems. I came to check up on my blog stats during my lunch break from work today and was shocked that I had not posted anything since late May! Life happens though, as it tends to do, and soon a week without making a post becomes two months.

Although we have been up to all kinds of stuff and lots has happened since I last posted, I will just hit on the two most book-related in this post. The first and most important being Kayla’s newly released novel!

The King’s Hourglass (the first book in the Avarial series) was officially released on July 13th. This was actually the first book Kayla ever completed but stashed it away as Nevermore took over her life for a year. Once the final Nevermore book was finished she turned her attention back to this series.

The King’s Hourglass is vastly different than Nevermore. It is an epic fantasy rather than modern day paranormal-romance. We knew this would be a tough sale among the fans Kayla has thus far made, and we were right. So far the release has been a little underwhelming, especially in comparison to the Nevermore books. We only sold around seven copies right away. I have to keep reminding myself (and Kayla) that this is a whole new series in a whole new genre. We will have to build fans from scratch for this as we had to do with the first Nevermore book. It took many months of work before Nevermore really took off and started passing milestones and earning a bit of money. And I assume the journey with Avarial will be the same. As word of mouth spreads, reviews trickle in, promotions deploy, and the sequels get published, I have no doubt this series will do well.

The story is a good one–classic yet unique. I know I am biased when it comes to it, but I enjoyed it. It is not the kind of fantasy that has been going around recently, though. You will not find any vulgarity among the pages like you would in A Song of ice and Fire (don’t get me wrong, I like those books also!). This is more in line with things like EragonPercy Jackson, or The Eyes of the Dragon. Like those books, it is aimed for the young adult / teen market but is enjoyable to people of all ages. I mean, look at Harry Potter. I think the age of readers who enjoyed that were anywhere from seven to one hundred and seven.

In this tale we follow a young prince named Divian as he sets out to seek a way to extend his father’s life. Here is the brief blurb from Amazon.

“The King is on the verge of death, but his young heir is not yet ready to take the throne. The prince sets out on a perilous journey to save his father before time runs out. What he discovers will shape the fate of their world.”

The first book really lays the groundwork for the characters and the world they live in. There is a lot of excitement and action within as well, but the next two books will expand on the magnitude of just what all Divian has stumbled across in his journey.

This book has been submitted everywhere but is, so far, only available on Amazon. You can pick up your copy by clicking this link. I will talk a little bit about the struggle of getting it elsewhere next.

As usual, I wanted to get Kayla’s new book on every digital market possible as soon as I could. Generally this had meant uploading directly to Amazon and then going through either SmashWords or Draft to Digital to quickly hit all the other markets (Apple, Nook, Sony, Kobo, etc.). This has worked great in the past but most recently I had a thought–why am I going through those two sites to get to other places I could sell to directly?

SmashWords and Draft to Digital are both great places. They do a great job of getting your book into those markets and paying you for all the sales. The problem is that they take 10% of the royalty for this service. So if you can go direct somewhere you might as well or else you are just giving away 10% of your money from those vendors. We have always went direct through Amazon as it is 90% of our sales, but have gone through one of those two sites for the others. I read that it was easy to go direct with Barnes & Noble/Nook, so I decided to do it.

It was easy. As easy as Amazon in every way. The book is still not for sale there, though. Why is that? Well, since it is our first time selling anything through Nook directly, we had to input Kayla’s payment information for tax purposes. No problem, we have done this everywhere. After three days we received a reply saying to contact their support that there was a problem. So I tried for a couple days to contact them and was unable to get through. Finally I got through and they asked me if all the information was correct. It was. They then said they would resubmit it. A couple of days later it asks us to contact support again. This time I e-mail them and they tell us it will take a few days but they are going to ticket it to be done manually since it is not going through otherwise. Okay. A couple days later we get yet another e-mail telling us to contact them. Ugh!

So, now you know why The King’s Hourglass is not available yet for a lot of readers. Nook Press’s support kind of sucks, or it seems to based on my first, second, and third impression. If we do not get something worked out with them by this weekend then I will upload through Smash and Draft. I am so glad Amazon and KDP are so responsive compared to the other guys. Sheesh.

Book Signing #2
Another exciting thing happened since my last post as well–Kayla had her second ever book signing! And this time they even had a chair for me to sit there and hang out. Unfortunately, things had not improved since the last signing. If anything they had gotten worse.

I had high hopes this time, seeing as the parking lot was not under construction and was packed with cars. Bookman’s sadly did not learn from the last time, though, and took none of my suggestions to heart. Don’t get me wrong, I am very thankful to Bookman’s for even hosting these. I know they definitely do not have to. But come on, at least let people know it is happening.

Bookman’s has 15,000 Facebook fans. It has 5,000 Twitter followers. They did not post to either of these places that the signing was happening. Not in advance, not day of–nada. On top of this, they did not even put the sign up in the front of the store like they did last time. We had the best table (the one closest to the entrance) and most people who came to our table asked us what was going on. They had no idea there was an event at all until they asked. We watched lots of people casually look over and walk by with a confused look on their face. It was definitely hard to know what was going on unless you knew someone that was going to be there.

There will be another one in October. We were invited to it but I am unsure if it is even worthwhile. The verdict of the other authors I talked to was a resounding ‘No’. Maybe I will e-mail Bookman’s about it and see if they will take my advice into consideration for next time. At least promote it on your social media! It takes thirty seconds.

Well, that wraps it up for book news for now. I have some other things I’d like to blog about soon and will try to make time. Lunch break is ending though, so back to the grind for the moment.

As always–Thanks for reading!

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