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Happy New Year everyone! I know this post is very late. I mean holy crap, January is almost over. How is it even 2014? This post shouldn’t be too long, and I have nothing super specific to say other than an update on what’s been going on since Christmas.

Almost immediately after Christmas, my daughter, my wife, and I all became sick. I haven’t been truly sick in a cold/flu type sense in a long time, and I got the harshest bit of it. In fact, it was so bad that at the very start of the year, I had to miss five work days. At my job, and in my position specifically, we get five total paid sick days per year (not counting our normal vacation days), and I have already used all of them for this year. Sucks, but I don’t plan on getting sick again, ’cause, you know, I can control that stuff.

So aside from being sick and now finally being 100% over it, a lot has been going on in the book and business world. The biggest news of which is that I have officially started a small publishing company. I did this for several reasons, which I will not go into now, but it was a smart move financially. Now I have a new website and base for myself and a few freelances to offer services, as well as a platform to publish my wife’s (and other people’s, eventually) books. The company is completely registered with the state, has its own bank account, and so on. Here is the publishing company’s logo, which, if you click it, will direct you to the site I created for it.

Aside from this, we also had the first four novels of my wife’s re-edited. Hybrid, the second novel in her Nevermore Series, is now also in print on both Amazon and Barnes & Noble. It joins both Twin Souls and Ephemeral in our currently printed novels.
On February the 14th, the series (predominately Twin Souls) will be featured on Bookbub and a few other major advertisers. It should give a huge influx of sales across the board, and I look forward to seeing it. Even before this, however, our catalog is seeing ~200 free downloads a day and 15-22 sales a day. Not too bad.
On another front, Kayla’s Nevermore series is currently in the submission process for Google Play. I’ve heard some good things from this emerging player in e-book distribution and sales; we will see.
Kayla is still hard at work on Ephemeral 2 (Currently un-titled), and has punched in roughly 40,000 words. That means the first draft is right at half-way done. Definitely good considering the holidays and then our two weeks of overall sickness.
As far as my own writing, well, I haven’t had much time to get any in lately. Partially from being sick, but also due to working on the publishing business as well as the administrative and marketing side of Kayla’s novels. I plan to finish off my blog short story “My Haunting” soon with a good size “Part-3”. I am also going to get to work on some Sci-Fi pulp stories I have plotted out. It should be a lot of fun.
Well, I did say this post was going to be very short, but it turned out lengthier than I had planned. I do hope everyone has an amazing new year and makes the most of it. I know I am going to.
As always, thanks for reading!
Written By: Adam Poe (34 Posts)

Adam works hard but tries not to take himself too seriously. He is the second-best author in his household, and has published a total of zero books under his own name. When he isn't spending his time writing things that never happened or wondering if he was born either 3,000 years late or 3,000 years early, he can be found hugging the air-conditioner in his home near Phoenix.