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Not a whole heck of a lot of news to post right now other than that I added a section up top for my wife’s novels (Go check them out!). 99.9% of my writing efforts have been going through helping my wife with the re-release of book one in her series (pictured above). In fact, I just finished up a slight re-polishing of the first book tonight! Currently she is in the other room hard at work on making sure I didn’t screw anything up! Hehe.

The main reason we wanted to do a slight re-haul of book one’s cover and text was due to it now being listed as permanently FREE on all platforms. We felt that doing so will ensure the thousands of people now downloading it for free will get the best version possible. We are also experimenting with using the same basic cover on every book in the series (as shown above) as opposed to what they are now. (Current cover for book two and book three). It is a tricky thing. On one hand this cements the ‘branding’ for the series and author. Anyone passing across these books in a list will have no doubt at all that they are in the same series or by the same author. On the other hand however it gives rise to some readers who may claim the covers are lazily done, and an easily discernible mark of being Indy-published.

In the end I think that if a reader finds the book description interesting and goes on to read and enjoy the first book, they could probably care less what the covers on the next books are. After all, it is the story that is important.

I will be hitting the submit button to update the newest version on all platforms as soon as possible. Remember that since the book is now free, you can delete your current copy and download the newest without consequence  This may be an excellent idea if you have already got the book but not started yet. The new version does contain nearly 5,000 more words!

I will make sure I make a new post once this is live. For now though I will head off and work on preparation for the print versions.

Written By: Adam Poe (34 Posts)

Adam works hard but tries not to take himself too seriously. He is the second-best author in his household, and has published a total of zero books under his own name. When he isn't spending his time writing things that never happened or wondering if he was born either 3,000 years late or 3,000 years early, he can be found hugging the air-conditioner in his home near Phoenix.