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Everyone is the hero of their own story.

This is where mine begins…

My name is Adam. I’m a writer, a husband, a dad, a dreamer.

In my posts, like the ones below, I record my life in digital ink.

The House Books Bought

I generally do not like making posts that could be seen as bragging, and I hope this one does not come off that way. However, not only do I think this is a huge life milestone, but I believe it is important to prove that you can more than) make a living doing...

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Ordos – Chapter One

Ordos Prime Chapter One When writing my own, solo stuff (meaning not a collaboration with my wife and her pen name) I tend to lean towards the gritty, scary stuff. I try not to constrain myself, though, and if an idea pops into my head that doesn't quite sit flush...

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For Better or Worse

Dead leaves crunched against basketball shoes as I exited my high school’s parking lot. Practice hadn’t lasted any longer than usual, but the remnants of the winter sun were already being overtaken by ever-lengthening night. I pulled the hood of my jacket over my head...

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I’m also working on a few books. You can read the first chapters for free.

ScorchedOrdos PrimeThe Rising

It’s not my first rodeo, though. I’ve co-written over twelve novels with my wife. We make a pretty good team.

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I obviously have a ton of extra time on my hands as a writer. That stuff’s easy. So here’s some other stuff I stay up late doing. Some of it even earns a little money!


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